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North Circumpolar Map

This bilingual map is part of the Atlas of Canada Reference Map Series. This map has detailed coverage of all parts of the world north of approximately 55 degrees North (and south of this latitude for the Bering Sea and Sea of Okhotsk areas). The map uses the Azimuthal equidistant projection. The map shows national and provincial-level boundaries for Canada, Greenland and Russia, and gives names for the province-level units. Included with the boundaries is Canada's 200 mile limit. The set of places denotes national and province-level capitals. Other places are not differentiated in any way (such as by size). Road and rail lines are shown for all thematic areas. The map has bathymetric tints for all marine areas. An interesting feature is showing three levels of ice extent: the minimum, median and maximum ice-edges. Data are as of 2004.

Reference number: MCR0001

Size: 36 inches by 31.5 inches

Scale: 1:10 000 000

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